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dlbassman politiku journal 2024

----------------------- january i figured out why i can.t find things - i forget what i.m looking for why i can.t find things zen without zing mindfulness without true aim slippery the slope freedom does not mean freedom to deny freedom to those who differ ---------- a contentious dam overarching a village was dynamited the village flooded who was to blame - the builder or the terrorist ------------------------- february intuitively obvious - masses are swayed by massive untruths --------- lying on my bed a pool of ectoplasm trying to take form put your hand just so on the wandering of mind and the pulse of life if you look ahead just one move in this chess game thats enough to win ---------- (to whom we surrender ) islam your name means surrender - your fie'ry core is jihad - wage war to the one inside surrender - who gives to us the light of wisdom war on ignorance love wisdom and become great we are all muslim there needs be a truce to end a mounting bloodshed so unnatural ---------- how can they exist amoeba.s and damselflies with no one to see ----------------------- march on the battlefield on the front line of the fight the old folks face death odd police training too many killed without cause - shoot first ask later ---------- a fatal disease - intolerant ignorance infects our nation a homicidal candidate threatens a bloodbath whether he wins or loses both have just one cure cleaning house regularly at the polling booth ----------------------- april does g-d move in waves - or particles - or is she everywhere at once what numbers the most - useless thoughts coursing the mind or stars in the sky who can stop thinking - its not possible to do noam sez no-one *1 ---------- to meditate or swallow an elephant take one bite at a time -------------------- notes *1 a tip-o-the-hat to noam chomsky, linguist

dogs and cats play together