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dlbassman politiku journal 2022

( updated 102022 ) ----------------------- january ("build back better" - joe biden) be a carpenter let the belkin ring with blows from your hammering a tough decision cold nights - heat bill cripples vs pneumonia triple maybe there is life but no mansions like eartha as far as eyes see ----------------------- february some pasture birds perched on the backs of the cattle grazing one morning when the fate train came the gamblers cards fell to dust on the final turn drowners come on board the waters are deep - safety lay aboard your boat -------- i bring you pleasure if you hear birds twittering may your face light up ageless valentine i.ll be yours and you.ll be mine till the end of time ----------------------- march you can find a way for war to come - but no way found for war to go the murdered cities of old beyond the counting all cry out - enough unhinged naysayers no shortage of candidates for presidency to see the future sez orwell - think of bootprints on a human face ----------------------- april machiavelli didn.t invent evil - he documented it *1 "a pre-requisite of power is not always a rational mind" *2 different versions of ourselves - choose the best one let the others go ----- script for a blind child script for a blind child ----------------------- may dreams sigmund freud with glee uses cliche and proverbs to explain his thoughts do your dreams fulfill your wishes...or when you wake do you dreams fulfill a person dreamless knotted in a ball of hate will never see light between the cosmic and comic is interplay in the eye of mind even old persons can be a child in clover born again each day ----------------------- june Responsibilities of our Government: establish justice promote peace - welfare - freedom defend the nation *3 ------- between a poll tax and a pole cat some judges cannot distinguish sanctimonious supreme court parades under flag of religion fill the courts with those whose heart and mind are well schooled in law and justice ----- corporations are persons sez the court - but then they are vip.s diversion of wealth to political power has no place in law *4 ----------------------- july get out of your bed ole man tucker - house afire and you ain.t dreamin a bridge for chickens it ain.t somethin you should use to cross a chasm ----------------------- august my peculiar misconceptions define me in the world of naught ----- (homework assignments from a workshop on haiku comics presented by david lasky) press the browser backarrow to return: i missed the bus home - no choice but to bicycle thru fen and soft night preliminary sketch - missed the bus have you ever been driven by the sun to drink from a muddy track illustration - have you ever ----------------------- september (follow the money) no word yet describes state governors who engage in human traffic ----- (mutually assured destruction) MAD madness - placing the fate of life on eartha in autocrat hands there are some who yearn for a future without soul in a fractured world ----------------------- october the lord commanded not merely to multiply but to be fruitful clean energy from within shall forge our future we all are miners ----------------------- november (the midterm elections) some always some not all are always never fooled p t barnum sez ---------------------- december we live in heaven we gaze inward and outward to eternity that i am a slave is not in question - whose slave do i want to be to the humble one who dwells within me i pray let me be your slave =========================== NOTES *1 a tercet on war by machiavelli (reworked by carl lawrence and don bassman) machiavelli on war, 2019 *2 from the japanese movie "virus" (1980) *3 from the preamble to the u.s. constitution *4 a law to de-oligarchise politics: Last year, the Ukrainian president... signed a new “de-oligarchisation” law that defines an “oligarch” as an individual who controls a major monopoly, significant media outlets, has a net worth of more than $90m and participates in “political activities”. They are subject to restrictions such as a ban on financing political parties and involvement in the privatisation of state property. They have to account for their earnings, and officials are banned from holding off-the-record meetings with them. -- source: aljazeera news, ukraines oligarchs, 22jun22

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