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dlbassman politiku journal 2021

(updated 121421) ----------------------- january honor and vision imbue the new president he walks a minefield -------- (attack on the capitol) raging idiots whip each other to a froth of mindless hatred the hypnotic spell of their demogogues lures them to insanity -------- representatives from horror state swagger still in the capitols for them - no free pass conspiracy sedition and riot brand them ----------------------- february as we used to say back in the day - won't you please be my valentine ----------------------- march (state of the union) lucky break - traded a lump-of-coal president for a diamond -------- saving mother earth let us all pull together it's a heavy lift ----------------------- april muditation politrix ------------------------- may - june 2021 im in the wrong house i dont know how i got here the lawns a wasteland the chairs are empty the guilded hall is darkened there a movie plays twins it sometimes seems share my lifeblood and my breath one's me -- who is thee -------- the smug among us think we're unfinished products were dodo birds done? even mighty tree's rooted in the ground voyage thru the winds of change a border dispute make one state or two - who cares stop hate - raise the gates -------- more time do i spend figuring out what to do than i do doing meditation is a desperate prayer for peace-love-calm - and bliss lillies of the field toil not neither do they spin yet the lord provides *1 ----------------------- july - aug variegated states *2 tapestries of folks therein weave a subtle song click to see an easily visualized states map (press browser backarrow to return here): visualize the states letter to friends and kin ----------------------- sep cross over that hill from where the mists are rising streams to verdure flow. a furnace ignites only if the pilot light burns faithfully bright ---------------- oct a thief was given knowledge - sat he and pondered for a thousand years so goes a legend of the hindu's - he became valmyki the sage sit you some minutes maybe you will learn secrets of the universe ---------------- nov moses on sinai asked the people to accept the ten commandments voting is a stream that runs thru democracy and keeps it holy take away their vote - he or maybe she becomes just a slave of state -------- who are the teachers of naysayers - who mentors the viewpoint of nay you think you're ok but you're not - your mind's tangled in meaningless thought ---------------- virus do not have homicidal mania (such as people get) both spread notably where ever ripe conditions lend them space to be -------- this thanksgiving day remember too brave lincoln who kept the land free ---------------- dec it.s not helpful to clarify and clarify unless you make ghee adams rib was found missing - to correct an err the lord borrowed it self-knowledge is real implied - described - talked about in all the scriptures ------------------------- notes *1 proverbs *2 added november

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