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dlbassman politiku journal 2017

------- january the presidency of obama has come to a close. he has brought reason and steadiness to the office, and shown great courage. --- all humans equal truer words from any sage came from pen or breath it must be preserved so said jackson to calhoun this young free nation a house divided cannot stand so said lincoln many years ago a nations promise to lift the oppressed masses cannot be broken hard hard times ahead maybe the end is not far when hate rolls downward --- breakdowns and breakthroughs are about 50-50 its an even game things would be ok if i wasnt failing math and trump wasnt trump a disgraced faction through lies and treacherous means has born down reason no space mr trump for selfless public service in your government? ------- february mr trump truly said well oiled machine running fine - to domination? he must be impeached before the world sets afire there are ample grounds our knowledge is small even of our workday craft lets have open minds the old horse aint dead democracy is vibrant RESisT hate IN PEACE the stroke of a pen turns immigrants to bulwarks that do not need walls billions for the brass some think our military is for sale - is it??? ------- spring 2017 nice country for sale blue skies, amber waves of grain - ( his biggest deal, yet?) awaiting his time solomons seal was broken out flowed the genie mr trump is right we won't need the EPA after the nukes fall is life mystical does a bear live in the woods can skinny dogs bark i don't think i can i said to the vegan gal - her heart so sincere ------- july my mind went on strike my math teacher said "1 more" it was 2 many a friend asked are there celestial beings? yes! i met one sunday exotic female at the airport last sunday eyes celestial ------- august duty bound all day greeting sabbath every breath i am a wind chime --- learning can't occur without asking a question and answering it planet caretakers gardeners and husbandman in the days of peace to appreciate, face the unknown, and survive - human qualities --- (charlottesville) supremist nazi's bring no honor to hero's of the rebellion differentiate function within a function the chain rule of life 'twas diaz who said to find a four-leaf clover search for the pattern the appointed hour darkest hour before the dawn illuminate hour ------- september tigers stripes don't change only war can save his place will he will bring it on? potholes in the road need to be filled not blasted don't hate the haters my teacher, my friend - who can see value in me i can't see myself peace is no longer philosophy to live by its nescessity *1 inner awareness is the well of salvation water for the parched when discord rages give space to humble silence bend knee not conscience ------- october las vegas lone gunman massacre: "we have no idea what his belief system was. i can't get into the mind of a psychopath" clark county sheriff joseph lomabardo his beliefs? - no idea we cant get into the mind of a psychopath --- (milton wrote: ...though fallen on evil days, On evil days though fallen, and evil tongues, In darkness, and with dangers compassed round, And solitude.) how dark are the days long are the hours and empty without your presence --- in mar-a-lago trump dreams beneath bright towers of medieval spain the national shame of lunatic governments falls on the people --- (hypocrosy??): 1st amendment - no 2nd amendment - damn straight constitution - no --- lost in the dark age far away we veer from truth - peace and love within dear president trump won't you come to your senses you are u.s. prez ------- november back in caveman days a man whispered to his wife while the children slept whispered in her ear his bellow modulated the kiss came to be --- worldliness disease has become chronic in man - sri ramakrishna you came from nowhere i didn't have sense enough to ask for your help brother don't ask me how i feel - what can i say when i am speechless --- lady godiva naked in heart and shining went riding one day minions of faces within the floral patterns of my small fringed rug clay allison too, once rode wearing just pistols the grim gunslinger ------- december we are all perverse when we fail to respect life and see just the skin ------- note *1 respectfully in deference to isaiah

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