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dlbassman politiku journal 2020

(updated 010121) ------------------------- january a nation without conscience is like a mad dog foaming - without friends abuse of power president invokes the claim he can do no wrong Speech, Mr. Mnuchin! show the world what fools control the global pursestrings *1 our founders feared kings and required a solemn oath from our branches three --------------------------- february (state of the union) pelosi stands firm golden warrior faces down the gathering storm speaker of the house - nancy pelosi -------------------------- march centering myself it is what it is nowhere else to go history unlearned is history forgotten the cost will be high an old wood chipper sits in my yard - twenty pulls it takes to start it a grog of sea mist swirls in my mind - twenty breaths it takes to clear it -------------------------- april like grains of reaped grass armies, farmlands and packed slums were felled by the plague *2 the heaviest tax is on the hungry and poor who have no shelter the virus kills some hydroxychloroquine kills when virus does not fact based leadership world-wide cooperation - never considered the least you can do when you say ah chu - cover your coughs and sneezes vice president mike pence ------------------------ may as we grow older listen as the clock ticks down to eternity hear the trolling bells clashing clanging mouths from hell misery foretell *3 blurring the meaning of freedom - the president cheers lockdown protests ------------------------- june ------------------ black lives matter blue guns unholstered took charleena's life then slayed her character too charleena lyles another man gone held in helpless custody george floyd's life drained out george floyd with an officers badge and gun must be given judicial restraint tumbling past my house throngs sing with eerie cadence - heart of seattle ----------------- july unready nation a plague has come to our door too long we waited scorned by our regime are those whose patient study benefits mankind an effective mask multitudenous problems solves - why not try it a mistake our prez will never make - is err on the side of caution ------------------- august myth replaces truth in a future world - slumber falls on the people four hundred years old the hoary green shark lays low deep in arctic seas betrayed by their smirks pervayors of destruction plot their sedition this we should all know under a dictators whip there is no freedom decades of damage our president does - perhaps he'll damage an age ----------------- september raging forest fires a glimpse of apocalypse climate change cometh if you have trouble sleeping at night - take the hint we need peace of mind --------- democracy hand gripped over hand swinging on vines thru jungle tarzan comes to jane sometimes bananna's look pretty bad but inside the fruit is perfect we are blessed to choose whether we make of our earth a heaven or hell look before you leap don't cut the branch you sit on ponder well your vote ----------------- december president defunct - superspreader of lies with no life of their own he was somebody who scraped the barrels bottom for accomplices lawless and without honor - can you imagine the world gone awry arrayed on the breaks of armageddon groaning dinosaurs expired ---------- when the hoaxster's gone a looted ship and thinned crew may be all thats left pharoah dreamed a dream and joseph understood it - foresee and prepare ------------------------> notes *1 treasury secretary launches attack on bright, youthful, climate activist greta thunberg on jan 23, while at the world economic forum - davos switzerland *2 in 1918 a flu plague which originated in a military camp in america struck down many millions of people world-wide. it was erroneously called the spanish flu *3 my apologies to mr poe