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dlbassman politiku journals 2018

(revised 122718) --------------------- january 2018 a ruler unfit should be replaced so farewell to my rambling mind politics failed us capitalism failed us democracy too? february confusion soon settles over me again like a cloud of forgetfulness even supercomputers have very short memories that must be refreshed at the speed of light when hate goes clarity flows ---- tried meditation it didn't work - tried some math experienced bliss sleep on your problems at night the fairies will come to help you solve them march can anything good come from weapons with bump-stocks or benighted kings? april what is the biggest environment disaster - a failed government ----------- i should not tell you unqualified opinions or views not asked for i spend lots of time absorbing news fake and real am i fake and real? ----------- the self is what is for sure a natural high and perhaps - much more lying at the heart of human life and nature is a mystery ---- ( a composite paraphrase from the declaration of independance and a. lincoln) if the facts are known and the people not misled the country is safe may dear president trump kneeling too respects the flag and what it stands for within your garden dwells a flower you can't see you are that flower june if there are rulers above the law - then is not law an illusion to flee oppression is no fault - to take a child is clearly a crime july the fires of hatred cannot be quenched - we must have a bigger vision national hero reality winner jailed for telling the truth september poor benny bunny almost road kill - we nursed him life is tenuous benny bunny died even the cat fell silent and would have no treats october we know from times past the short road to destruction beckons the tyrant to see inner light is no small thing - be grateful thank your lucky stars a psalm of david the psalm of psalms - my heart sez your face lord i seek november republicans and democrats on this agree the stench of garbage december make of old salem fulfillment of ancient dreams worlds city of peace ----- to gain the whole world what does it profit a man to forfeit his soul ( mark 8/36 ) -------- note revised 122718 i have removed some politiku's due to their being too obscure or which fall into the "unqualified opinion" or "views not asked for" category - my apologies i noticed the pages were getting suspiciously long "within your garden" was included from may

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