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dlbassman politiku journal 2019

(updated 121319) --------------------- january 2019 my friend passed away i almost gave him a call to tell him the news february a swiss lullaby sweet soft and melancholy has enchanted me march christchurch kristallnacht gorgans heads arise again slay them with mirrors april how much will you give to live in a free country with the just and brave may with what did g-d build there was only his essence to create the world the first u.s. prez american born and raised martin van buren july i did not realize how close how close was my goal the thinnest of veils stereotyping with malice and a vengeance defines a racist *1 lincoln freed the slaves now sea-worthy ship of state sail on your true course --------------------------- september a misdemeanor is all it takes to impeach a false president october found i did a branch crooked and gnarled and springy twas a lovely cane nov hear my cry ye proud with the jawbone of an ass foe's i slew - samson many of us seek illusions, and truth we seek in the wrong places dec my family votes for trump (sez a friend) - sez i at least they voted *2 sea levels rising galvestons denuded coast welcomed the great storm ------------------- notes *1 "lincoln freed the slaves" is a phrase that struck me with force, listening to this song performed by the laura love duo - ms love and terry hunt: saskatchewan (transfers to external site) *2 the worst natural catastrophe in u.s. history was the galveston hurricane of 1900. estimated casualties were 8000 killed, about the same as the battle of gettysburg. a seawall was built, but even that massive wall will not protect it from the rising sea's galveston seawall

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