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dlbassman politiku journal 2023

----------------------- january opportunity missed - congress forfeits their right to vote their conscience sometimes its better to let go of my concepts then put faith in them ----------------------- february you take a person who was never taught to swim - one day they may drown yet more enchanting than our collaborations are our emotions ----------------------- march focussing on light within - lesser thoughts resolve into confetti i stumble for words how to describe my feeling natural - apart i.m an amatuer member of society my calling is truth ----------------------- april consider your fate mesmerized and etherized by prophets of hate no matter how high you rise on a throne of gold your life is a lie hate and oppression are two sides of the same coin conjoined at the hip ----------------------- may bad news for ai programmers are swarming down a dark rabbit hole in the crypto age trillion dollar coins make sense - may the lord help us traffic past my door sounding like the oceans waves lapping on the shore ----------------------- june g-d of our nation with liberty and justice for all - where are you ----------------------- july a dog attacked me though on a leash - the owner seemed to be not sane ----------------------- august i sometimes feel like my life until now has been an embarassment practice to practice don.t give up before you try its lonely sometimes ----------------------- september (from a psalm of moses) numbered be our days so that we may cultivate a heart of wisdom the saints and sages learned the language of the soul so must you and i the hypocracy of enslaving a people to make them better ----------------------- october hidden in the night a ladder fell to the road on came the big bike the four horsemen ride unbridled - only the blind can fail to see them let all fanatics stand down - our hero.s are those who trust humankind ----- (nw haiku gathering 2023 - seabeck, wa) the indian trail along the wooded river bank stories of my mom i drift into sleep meet people i have not known see places unmapped -------------------------- nov can the horrid price of war be compensated by a heavy heart dogs and cats can play together - people can learn how to co-exist dogs and cats of what was once was i can't tell - a catalogue of books of fiction -------------------------- dec far away the wars are just a clap of thunder that i do not hear thunderous crashing i can not hear - my nation arouses herself ----- "vermin" - hate.filled rants reflect the image he see.s thru his looking glass ----- (a paraphrase of machiavelli) great gifts the lord gives - much ingratitude we show our benefactor