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Juneteenth 2018 Letter to Congresspersons

Dear reader, You are welcome to forward
the open letter below to congresspersons
representing your district.

It is in "text" format (.txt). You can
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the message box on your congresspersons
contact webpage.
You can address it specifically to your
own congresspersons, and endorse it with
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Pls pass it around to others who might
add their voice.
------- open letter follows

(an open letter to congresspersons
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Juneteenth, 2018
re a red line crossed
- separated children in detention

Dear Congresspersons,

I hope this message finds you
in good health and spirits!

It seems to me our national
government has crossed a
red line. Are not the
following felonies?

child endangerment
child traffic
child abandonment
child abuse

I don't know what your deepest
principles and motivations are,
but I think you are a reasonable

I hope you realize that you may
need to modify your priorities
in light of what seems to be
the steady erosion of just
and democratic rule of law
over our nation.

We trust our elected leaders
will do thier sworn duty,
with enlightened vision.
May we all do so!

to flee oppression
is no fault - to take a child
is clearly a crime

Thank you for your public service!

Respectfully endorsed by,

Your Constituent

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